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Empirical Articles

  • Scheffler, R. M., Hinshaw, S. P., Modrek, S., & Levine, P. (2007).  The global market for ADHD medications. Health Affairs, 26, 450-457.
  • Fulton, B., Scheffler, R. M., Hinshaw, S. P., Levine, P., Stone, S., Brown, T. T., & Modrek, S. (2009). National variation of ADHD diagnostic prevalence and medication use: Health care providers and educational policies.  Psychiatric Services, 60, 1075-1083.
  • Scheffler, R. M., Brown, T., Fulton, B., Hinshaw, S. P., Levine, P., & Stone, S. I. (2009).  Positive associationbetween ADHD medication use and academic achievement during elementary school.  Pediatrics, 123, 1273-1279.
  • Stone, S., Brown, T., & Hinshaw, S. P. (2010).  ADHD-related school compositional effects:  An exploration.Teachers’ College Record, 112, 1275-1299.